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An easy way to make a classic St. Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage dinner. The corned beef steams in a low temp oven resulting in the most tender corned beef. Carrots, cabbage, and potatoes are added at the last minute to not overcook. A warm and comforting meal! Many of my friends have only eaten boiled or canned corned beef before they met me. One friend, in particular, asked what I was cooking. I told her, corned beef and cabbage. I asked if she wanted to taste and she said she never liked it. I asked how it was fixed. Finally figured it out as canned. She took a small bite before she left. She had 2 large slices and was licking her lips all the way home.

baked corned beef and cabbage
Prep time: Cook time:
Recipe Cuisine: American Recipe Category: Other Main Dishes Yield: 6 Servings
Ingredients :
  • 1 package(s) pre-packed corned beef w/seasoning pack (most are about 3 lbs)
  • 1 large cabbage head
  • 3 pound(s) potatoes
  • 3-4 pound(s) carrots
Intructions :
  • Open the package of corned beef. Take the seasoning pack and put the seasonings into a cheesecloth.Most packages of corned beef are about 3 lbs. If you want more
  • use another pack.
  • Rinse well
  • and put into a roasting pan. Place the seasoning under the beef. Use about 1/2 cup of water to rinse out the beef bag and put into the pan and cover it. Put into a slow oven (about 250 degrees) and just let it cook for about 3 hrs.
  • While meat is cooking
  • prepare vegetables. I usually wedge slice the cabbage. (Cut it in 1/2
  • lay it flat side down
  • and cut it into wedges.). Wash or peel the potatoes and carrots. My family eats the skins for more nutrition. Cut into uniform sizes
  • about 2-inch cubes for the potatoes or small wedges (1/4 cut small potatoes) and 2-3 inch lengths for the carrots (depending on the diameter).
  • Par boil the vegetables. Carrots on the bottom
  • let cook for a few min.
  • Add the potatoes.
  • Add the cabbage. I find the veggies cook faster in the oven if parboiled first. You want them to be a little underdone so they can pick up the flavors of the meat. Take the veggies out of the pan and into a bowl to keep them from overcooking. Save the broth.
  • Check your beef about 2-3/4 of the 3 hr mark. If it is fork-tender
  • take it out of the oven. If not
  • let it cook for another 20 min. When meat looks/feels like it is almost ready to fall apart
  • take it out of the oven
  • put it on a platter
  • and add all your veggies into the pan. Check the water level. If you think it needs another 1/2 cup or so
  • add the broth from the pan the veggies were cooked in. (You want to have the veggies at least 1/2 way covered with broth.) Put the meat back into the pan
  • cover it and let it finish cooking the veggies.
  • When everything is cooked
  • take the cover off and turn the temp up to about 350 for about 10 min. It will make a nice crisp to the top of your meat. Take it out
  • put the meat on a platter and slice away. Your veggies have the great flavor of the spices and beef cooked into them so they shouldn't need any salt but some still like more pepper added to their plates. :) ]

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