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A holiday twist on classic bread pudding. It is creamy and the mix of flavors is perfect. The eggnog flavor is slight, not in your face. Then, you get an occasional burst of cranberry. This is quite a decadent holiday dessert and will be a delicious ending to the meal. After cooking a huge Mexican dinner tonight, my family wanted more out of me, lol. I have been trying to use all the food I already have before going shopping and this is what I came up with for dessert. Who knew this would be a hit with the family? Hmm... this one might be on the breakfast menu next Christmas. I hope you enjoy my take on an old havetime favorite!

cranberry eggnog bread pudding
Prep time: Cook time:
Recipe Cuisine: American Recipe Category: Puddings Yield: 6 Servings
Ingredients :
  • 3 cup(s) 2% or whole milk
  • 2 cup(s) eggnog
  • 1/2-2/3 cup(s) sugar, keep in mind the eggnog is full of sugar
  • 7 - eggs
  • 2-3 teaspoon(s) cinnamon, keep in mind the eggnog is full of spice
  • 1 dash(es) nutmeg, optional
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract
  • 8 cup(s) French bread, 1 lb. loaf
  • 2/3 cup(s) dried cranberries
  • 3 tablespoon(s) butter
Intructions :
  • Heat oven to 350 degrees. Butter the bottom and sides of a 13 x 9 casserole/baking pan. Set aside
  • Tear by hand or chop the French bread into 2 inch cubes. Evenly layer cubed bread on the bottom of the buttered pan
  • In a saucepan, over medium heat, warm milk, eggnog, and butter along with cranberries. Set aside
  • In a large bowl mix sugar and cinnamon together. Add eggs and vanilla and stir
  • Slowly, while stirring, add the lukewarm milk mixture to the egg mixture. Set aside
  • Pour batter on top of the bread. If using cranberries, you may spread them out at this time
  • Bake 45-50 min. The top should be golden. Enjoy!

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