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This dip is a cinch to make and the flavors truly mimic that trademark Reuben taste. Inexpensive, easy and SO good. Warm and gooey, everything melts together. We loved the zing Dijon mustard added to the dip. We toasted rye bread and it was the perfect vehicle for dipping. Great for game day or any holiday party. We love the recommendation to make this in a slow cooker. You'll get two very enthusiastic thumbs haveups from any Reuben connoisseur. My favorite sandwich is a nice Reuben sandwich. Why not combine this into a dip? Enjoy with Triscuit rye cracker or party rye toasted. If you love Reuben sandwiches, you'll love this too.

reuben dip
Prep time: Cook time:
Recipe Cuisine: American Recipe Category: Cheese Appetizers Yield: 6 Servings
Ingredients :
  • 16 ounce(s) sauerkraut, rinsed and squeezed dry
  • 8 ounce(s) corned beef from deli, shredded
  • 16 ounce(s) shredded Swiss cheese
  • 1/2 cup(s) Thousand Island dressing
  • 1/2 cup(s) mayonnaise
  • - Dijon mustard
Intructions :
  • Preheat oven to 350. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing
  • Spread the sauerkraut into a 9X13 inch baking dish
  • Layer corn beef over sauerkraut
  • Spread with Dijon mustard
  • Next, add the mayo-Thousand Island dressing mix. Then add the shredded Swiss cheese
  • Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Serve with rye Triscuits or toasted party rye
  • Hint: you can chop the sauerkraut finer to make it easier to dip before making this dish. Dijon mustard is optional. Some people like it some do not. The recipe does not need mustard
  • Hint #2You can also make this in a small Crock Pot making layers as you go. Maybe several layers. The sauce will work its way down through the layers. This way it stays warm during football games.

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